Everything You Need For A 'Fifty Shades of Grey' Girls' Night Out From Drinks To Fashion

The Valentine's Day of 2015 will be unlike any other, past or present. Why? Because it's the same day Fifty Shades of Grey hits theaters everywhere. And what better way to celebrate your lady friends than getting together to watch two people play out a toned-down version of the sexiest sex fantasy ever on the big screen?

Fifty Shades of Grey is a "love" story that every one of our girlfriends is familiar with. Well, I'm assuming they are, since the books have sold over 10 million copies and I'm sure the majority of those readers are not dudes. If you're going to hit the town and catch a showing of the steamy flick, you might as well go all out, right? Just lean into it and make it a theme. I'm talking food from the book, sexy grey suits, too many references to your inner goddesses, and all the handcuffs.

The Food:

Food plays a major role in this series because Christian has a bucket full of issues and the main one is control. He prefers to manage all of Ana's needs, including making sure she eats enough, but really only in the time frames he deems appropriate.

Pre-Grey Meals: Before Ana meets Christian, she eats like the rest of us and indulges on Chinese takeout, pizza, and lasagna. Why not veg on takeout at home before the movie?

Brinner Options: Breakfast for dinner is always a raging flavor party, so go with Ana's fav tea, English Breakfast, and an order of pancakes, eggs, and bacon. Which is also the meal that Christian orders for her as pre and post-sex fuel. So there's that.

Christian's Picks: For dinner, these two lovebirds enjoy oysters, pasta, chorizo, scallops, and venison. Maybe something like this Oriecchiette with Chorizo and Sage from The Kitchn?

Or you can prepare a Fifty Shades feast from these options at home with your gals and save some serious cash. Or if you're looking for an all-inclusive deal, check out OpenTable's Dinner and a Movie option.

The Drinks:

These cocktails are just undeniably sexy, or their names could easily be used as sexual innuendo. Drink up.

Love Potion From Jelly Toast

He put a spell on you...

Spicy Cucumber Margarita From A Cozy Kitchen

A zesty cucumber...yum. *nervous giggles*

Kitten With A Whip Cocktail By Mat Snapp, Master Mixologist of Culinary Dropout (recipe at the bottom of this post)

Hand me the whip, please.

The Attire:

It all depends on which character you'd like to channel and whether you're feeling more dom or sub that night.

If you're interested in a swagger that exudes power and control like Christian, go with a fitted grey blazer and a loosely hanging tie with a white button-up. Or rock a pair of extremely tattered jeans.


For the sweeter and more innocent vibe like Ana, a cardigan will always be the answer.


Recipe for Kitten with a Whip Cocktail by Mat Snapp:


1 Egg White.5 oz Lime Juice.5 oz Lavender Simple Syrup.5 oz Crème Violette1 oz Sancerre1.5 oz Ford’s Gin1 dash Peychaud’s BittersInstructions:Step 1: Peform a dry whip with the above ingredients (dry whip = shakingcocktail ingredients without the ice)Step 2: Add ice and shake againStep 3: Double strainStep 4: Garnish with Peychaud’s PindropsStep 5: Drag cocktail pick through drops for flourish

Image: Christian Grey/Focus Features, Fotolia/Artistic Endeavor, Flickr/stevendepolo, Margarita/Cozy Kitchen, Jelly Toast (2); Giphy (5)

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