Lo Bosworth Has A Shiny New Editor Job at Racked

Move over, Lauren Conrad — there's a new Laguna Beach alumna in town! Lo Bosworth is Racked’s new Health + Wellness Editor-at-Large. You’ll remember Bosworth as the level-headed primary cast member who cried the least (besides possible sociopath Spencer Pratt). Since her departure from the more recent reality offshoot The Hills, Bosworth has been busy maintaining a lifestyle website, authoring a memoir, and collaborating with beauty brands such as Birchbox. It appears she’s also been maintaining a YouTube channel focused on DIY, cooking, and (duh) fashion. So maybe she's qualified for this new role, after all!

Commenting on her new senior position at Racked, Bosworth said, “I’ll be covering some of the country’s biggest workouts — and offering you tips along the way from the best trainers in the biz. Stay tuned!” Lo will surely have her hands full with her editorship, decorating her new apartment, and maintaining some semblance of camaraderie among the friends for which she became famous. Bosworth was recently joined by fellow fashionista Lauren Conrad for their 10-year high school reunion. Their class reunion also doubled as a somber reminder of our imminent mortality.

Bosworth updates her YouTube channel frequently (though whether she’ll continue maintaining her lifestyle blog with her new job is as yet undetermined). Check out a video of her fancy NYC pad below, and keep an eye out for her over at Racked.