Never Ask Kanye West This Question

by Sienna Fantozzi

As an NYU journalism graduate student, I know that the cardinal rule of interviewing a subject is to arrive informed about said subject. Unfortunately, this reporter (can you call a paparazzo that?) learned the hard way when he dared to ask Kanye West if he's venturing into the fashion industry. The answer was obviously all shades of "you did not just ask me that." Seriously, dude, just some light background reading. A quick google search. NBD.

Kanye West, with Kim Kardashian and North in tow, were walking through an airport when an eager paparazzo approached him with a very pressing question: "Are you venturing into the fashion industry?" Yeezy made no haste addressing the absurdity, gesticulately strongly towards himself as he proclaimed, "Am I (read: Yeezus/God), venturing into the fashion industry?!?!?!?" Clearly, he found the answer a teensy bit obvious, but just for good measure (this guy was no doubt dense), Kanye also pointed out his pretty slick outerwear. "Do you see this coat? C'mon, man."

Kanye, whether the public agrees or not, considers himself the entire fashion industry, so the question was not only ignorant, it was also irrelevant, and akin to asking Kim if she's like, venturing into reality TV or something.

Although it did make for one pretty funny insta.

Images: Getty Images; Giphy; entertainmentforbreakfast/Instagram