Jon Stewart Leaving 'The Daily Show' & It Will Be A Big Loss For Both Comedy & News

Well this is somewhat unexpected: Jon Stewart has announced his departure from The Daily Show . Further information will reportedly come in Tuesday's episode. It's a major moment — for satire, for news, and for television in general. And we just got over the loss of The Colbert Report!

The AV Club's Sean O'Neal originally reported that Stewart spilled the beans on his departure during a taping of Tuesday night's episode this afternoon. Comedy Central also released the following statement Tuesday afternoon, shortly after AV Club published its report:

Stewart earned his place as a modern icon: He straight-up changed the way so many people interacted with the news cycle, and his legacy will live on long past the day he steps down from that Comedy Central desk. In fact, it already is: The Nightly Show With Larry Wilmore just premiered in January, and John Oliver's been kicking all kinds of ass on his show Last Week Tonight on HBO.

We all got nostalgic when Stephen Colbert closed up shop at The Colbert Report , and for good reason — but Stewart was (is) even more the epicenter of this entire operation. He might be moving on to direct more movies or focus on other things in life; we don't know for sure yet. But despite his decision to take this step away from this genre he helped build, his mark will always remain.

Image: Rick Kerns for Getty Images