Kim & Kyle Still Have Issues on 'RHOBH'

Oh, boy. When will these Housewives ever learn? If it's not your fight to fight, don't fight it. Unfortunately, Eileen Davidson decided to try and mediate the multi-episode drama between sisters Kim and Kyle Richards during Tuesday night's episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills . But as you can probably guess, things do not go according to plan.

To be fair, Eileen's intentions in inviting Kim and Kyle to a lunch to talk about their feelings and hopefully resolve their issues were noble. Eileen sadly lost two of her sisters within the past five years to breast cancer and a heart attack. Now that these two sisters are getting older, she didn't want them to lose the time that they have left together and regret their strained relationship. Eileen is also new to RHOBH, and judging from this debacle of a mediation, she still has a lot to learn.

But like most RHOBH confrontations, very little progress was made. During Eileen's horror show of a lunch, Kim and Kyle rehashed the same argument that they have been having all season, i.e. why is Kim so chummy with Brandi when she's such a vile person? Kim contended that Brandi is her best friend and is always there for her. Kyle couldn't believe that Kim would be so close with someone who insinuated that her sister's husband is cheating on her, as Brandi did during the fight in last Tuesday night's episode, and quite frankly, I don't get it either. Kim said she didn't hear Brandi's harsh words, but when she speaks so loudly and is so in your face, how can you not?

Basically, all that was served at this lunch was drama. However, I do hope these ladies ate something because nothing works up an appetite like being involved in a shouting match.

It didn't take long for Eileen to realize that she had "opened up Pandora's box again," and no, that's not referring to Lisa Vanderpump's daughter. It's a reference to the Greek myth, ya dig?

No Housewives argument ever gets settled in one sitting, so I wasn't surprised to see Kim and Kyle go at it again, especially because this is kind of what they do and what siblings do in general. However, seeing the two of them cry about the sad state of their relationship is heartbreaking because you can tell that they really are heartbroken over the whole thing. It's always upset to see relationships ruined over issues that can so easily be resolved, but when Brandi Glanville is the cause of the fight, that's just tragic.

However, in the sneak preview of next Tuesday night's episode, Kim and Kyle seemed to have moved on a bit. It looks like they're going to read some lines, and there's a puppet involved. So they are either rehearsing for an upcoming acting gig or they are at a family therapy session. Either way, it should be interesting to watch.

Images: Giphy; realitytvgifs/Tumblr