This Margaret Cho-Designed Jumpsuit Is So Cute!

When I think of comedian Margaret Cho, I think comedy and laughing my butt off. I don't think of fashion. I just don't. And I don't think she'd take issue with that fact, either. But Margaret Cho has designed a jumpsuit and it's time to rearrange my thinking, since it's actually really cute and wearable, in a "Bond Girl" sort of way. I'm not a big onesie wearer, but this figure-flattering black ensemble with gold hardware might get me to change my mind. It also eliminates the need for purses when worn because POCKETS!

Cho launched a fundraising campaign on Betabrand for her Solitaire onesie. What a perfect, kitschy name, too, since it's a singular piece. It boasts two front pockets, two back pockets, a zippered cargo pocket, and a hidden chest pocket. The silky smooth Solitaire, which was named after Jane Seymour's Bond Girl in Live and Let Die, will ship to customers in July… so interested fashionistas can get it and prep to wear it in the fall, tucked into knee-high boots, with ballet flats, or with heels! Oooh!

She told The New York Times that it's her "dream garment" and that necessity was the mother of this adorbs invention, since "I always wear jumpsuits. I was a real PJs kid, and I think I never got over it. I love a unitard and a romper. They are just very low maintenance and comfortable."

The funny lady chose to design her own since the commercial offerings were never quite right, saying, "often the zippers are not placed in the most flattering way for the female body." She also noted that the torsos are frequently too short and don't flatter the tummy area.

Look at Cho, Margaret, "getting" the quintessential conundrum for a designer. I think I'm crushing!

Solitaire's intel is such: It's constructed of black twill, has an elastic waist, ribbed ankle cuffs, a gold zipper, and the aforementioned six pockets. It's also meant to solve the purse problem, if you indeed have that issue. Full disclosure: I don't. I love a statement or pricy "It" bag. But honestly, Cho's garment makes you wonder who needs a clutch, a crossbody, or a suitcase-sized satchel when you can stuff everything in your pockets? Okay, maybe not everything, but you can stash secret stuff, whatever that may be!

How pragmatic.

Still, Cho is using "Kill the clutch" as her promo zinger for the jumpsuit, saying, "If I can go out of the house without a bag, I feel a lot better. With the Solitaire, there are pockets for keys, a wallet, phone, a credit card, a lipstick. That’s all I need."

If you are also a cash and carry type, and are fatigued by lugging around a bag on a night out, well, this might be the outfit that lets you kick the purse to the curb. You can also choose not to use ALL of the pockets, since I sorta feel like searching for my keys or phone or my bulky wallet might look like I am frisking myself. But then again, if I wore this, I might force myself to streamline my essentials and what I bring with me.

Yes, this is brilliant.

The cost is also as attractive as the jumpsuit itself, with a $169.20 price tag.

Cho might seem like an odd person to give your wardrobe a makeover, but she's not the only surprising designer out there. Remember, Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, who are legit designers, started out as very popular child stars in direct-to-DVD films. Olivia Palermo and Lauren Conrad were reality stars who have built lifestyle empires. Same with Victoria Beckham. Her fashion kingdom pretty much eclipses her Posh Spice era to the point of going, "Oh, yeah, she was in that girl group, right?!"

If Solitaire takes off, it might not be, well, the sole jumpsuit Cho designs. She is interested in working with other fabrics, colors, and more. I hope we see more of her designs, even if she doesn't totally kill the clutch!

Images: Betabrand (4)