Who Shushed Anna & Chris' Baby?!

We've all been there. We're sitting on an airplane with one or two or more parents with babies. We close our eyes and hope that those adorable infants just keep their mouths shut, so we can all have a peaceful flight. I know that sounds harsh, but you know you think it too. Well, apparently, Anna Faris encountered something quite similar when flying with her son, Jack. Not only did a passenger tell her baby to be quiet, but it wasn't just your everyday individual. As she told Jimmy Kimmel while appearing on Jimmy Kimmel Live, Mickey Rourke shushed Faris and Chris Pratt's son.

On her way home from London after visiting Pratt on the set of Guardians of the Galaxy, Rourke wasn't fond of two-year-old Jack "vocalizing," as Faris described it. She said Jack wasn't screaming or crying, but he was "being adorable," or at least she thought he was. However, Faris was super nervous, because she knew everyone was "hating" on her. Before she knew it, she heard someone go, "SHHH." She turned around and saw the sound came from Rourke! She said it was almost like he was grumbling and saying, "You better shut that baby up." Faris added,

I was already so nervous before knowing that everyone hated me, and then sort of to have sort of Mickey Rourke confirm that didn't feel great. I got shushed by Mickey Rourke!

At first, she was afraid to tell the story, because she wasn't sure if she'd run into or work with Rourke. But soon enough she told a Mom writer, who said the same thing happened to her. Faris revealed, "He likes to shush babies!"

Wow. Who knew one of Rourke's hobbies is shushing children? I don't know what it's like to travel with a child, but it has to be extremely hard. I bet most parents, like Faris, are "sweating," praying, and hoping that their child behaves on a flight. It has to be nerve-wracking. And that's just for parents who aren't on a flight with Mickey Rourke.