If Prince Harry Marries Cressida Bonas, What Kind Of Royal Wedding Will They Have?

The entirety of the Internet is currently abuzz over Prince Harry's trip to Australia, which has, in many people's royal-marriage-bound minds, signaled that he and his lady-love, Cressida Bonas, might soon be on the road to wedded bliss. This has, of course, ignited the titters and squeals of an entire generation of women who are somewhat conflicted between desperately wanting Prince Harry to marry It-girl Cressida Bonas in a lavish and classy ceremony à la Kate Middleton and Prince William, or wanting to steal him away to become a sex-slave/royal pool boy whose only purpose is to make us princesses and look damn fine while doing it.

Personally, I can't see a Kate-and-William-style wedding happening anytime soon, whether or not Harry and Cressida tie the knot. Cressida is a down-to-earth Aussie with a sense of adventure and the rest of her 20s to see through, and we all know Harry gets a bit wilder than his straight-laced brother. All royals are not born equal, so it's easy to imagine that we are going to have a less traditional marriage ceremony (if the rumors are true) than Buckingham Palace has seen in the past.

So what sort of things could we expect to see at a royal wedding for the younger Prince of Wales? Here are some thoughts/my personal hopes and dreams, no big deal.

1) Shots, Shots, Shots Shots Shots Shots, Everybodaaayyyyyy

C'mon, we're talking about Prince Harry here. You know they're going to be in the castle doing rounds of tequila the second all the smiling and waving cockamamie is done, and honestly, who could blame them?

2) Nudity

Strictly speaking this is unlikely, but hey, those naked photos of Harry were so delish, I wouldn't mind some nothing-but-a-bowtie pics to hold close to my heart forever and sell for a small fortune when he is middled aged and paunchy.

3) A Distinctly Non-Traditional Wedding Dress. Cressida Is Going To Bring The Boho Back To Buckingham Palace

This is not a possibility but a guarantee. Cressida Bonas is no Kate Middleton, all patrician and buttoned-up. In the few pictures of her available online she appears chic and sociable, often seen looking hot about town, as part-time model/dancer/socialites often are. It would be a real shock to see her in anything less than cutting-edge bridal couture.

4) Army Lads Getting Black Out

Again, this is a guarantee. Army buds are friends 4 lyf, right? Especially if they're all as hunky and manly as Harry. Nomnomnom.

5) Prince Philip Being Inappropriate

Because like, when isn't Prince Philip a little inappropriate, bless him.