Spice Girls Fans: Get Ready To Freak. Out.

As the Spice Girls themselves said, "Stop right now, thank you very much" — there are new Spice Girls songs for us to listen to. THIS IS NOT A DRILL. Though yes, technically, the songs aren't new as much as they are previously unreleased tracks from the post-Geri Halliwell era of the group, this is still pretty major news for anyone who listened to the Spice Girls religiously back in the '90s and early '00s — not to mention, the songs are just as amazing as you'd expect from the group, Ginger Spice or not.

Basically, the tracks that have been released are just four songs that did not make it onto the 2000 album Forever — and they were all recorded, sadly, after Geri Haliwell left the group. But as a devoted Spice Girls fan for life, I will absolutely take what I can get (even though Ginger was my favorite, not even gonna lie).

Honestly, as excited as I am about these unheard tracks, I'm also really curious about how the recording sessions went without my beloved Ginger Spice — was the band's mini breakup reflected in the lyrics? Or did the remaining ladies not skip a beat when it came to laying down some new tracks? So, of course, after I got over the shock of four new, high-quality demo tracks from the Spice Girls, I let my fan analysis begin (and yes, I have already listened to each of the songs multiple times): Check out my breakdown of the lyrics.

“Pain Proof”

"Pain Proof" is a fun song with a rock sort of vibe, and the girls are as fierce as ever with this "take no prisoners" kind of attitude. The girls sing "We're pain proof / Nothing you do can touch us" on repeat.

I assume this is a reference to Halliwell's departure, with the girls implying that no matter what happens, they are not in pain; they are still a strong group. In one line, the girls sing "You can twist our words with your twisted views/ It ain't our interest to always be in the news." It's really clear that this whole song is an attack on the media scrutiny the ladies were under. The Spice Girls were just trying to focus on the music and move away from the drama.

"Right Back at Ya"

There really is no subtext to this track. "Right Back at Ya" is so blatantly obvious with its lyrics that directly address the girls rebounding after the split with Halliwell — no hidden messages here. The ladies sing lines like "We're coming right back at ya," "It's a brand-new day," and "No looking back" to make the point that they are starting anew very obvious. They even address the group shake up with the line, "Now's our time / We're coming back with a brand-new design / Feeling fine."

It's as if they also want to let everyone know that there's no hard feelings about Ginger's exit with the lyrics "There's been tears along the way / But we're still the best of friends." I could go through every line, but there is not much to decode here — these lyrics are very straight up.

"A Day in Your Life"

This song is a change of pace for the fun Spice Girls we know and love: It's an acoustic love song. To be honest, I am happy that it did not make the album, mostly because I don't listen to Spice Girls to wallow in sorrow — I want to feel uplifted and happy when I listen to their music. With lyrics like "The world could be so cold and such a lonely place when you're out there on your own / In the crowd it seems you're just another face / And you're feeling so alone," I am not feeling happy.

I get the point, but it's just such a weirdly somber ballad — then again, it could be that it's just not a song for everybody. I admit, I'm no musicologist — if that is even a thing.

"If It’s Lovin' on Your Mind"

This song is just so classic Spice Girls. It's all about female empowerment and has an infectious beat to boot — it's exactly what I wanted to hear. In the song, the ladies sing about playing hard to get: "If it's lovin' on your mind / I've got a little time / but that don't mean it's a lifetime thing." Another line goes, "Baby, I'm not trying to be cold / but I believe that love's a waste of time." At this part, to be honest, my thoughts drifted to Geri Haliwell for the fourth time — I cannot help it. This was a hard breakup for me as a super fan, and I cannot imagine how the actual group members felt. Can you blame me, though? Part of the lyrics are "Mama said if I can play it cool / I'll have them coming back for more." Is this a reference to wanting Ginger Spice back in the group!? I think so. (Or at least I hope so.)