Why Staying In On Valentine's Day Is The Best

If you've decided against a packed restaurant and crowded movie theater for February 14th, I can't blame you. What I can do, however, is give you some ideas for things to do if you're staying in on Valentine's Day with your significant other. Going out for an overpriced meal, hurriedly shuttling from one location to the next, and being packed into bars like sardines kind of takes away from the romance of V-Day, and unfortunately, most of these things are bound to happen to you if you're trying to plan the perfect night out. So where's the romance in staying home, you ask? I have three words for you: creativity, relaxation, and privacy.

Staying in doesn't have to mean taking up your usual spots on the couch and having a Netflix marathon (though, if that's what you want to do, I'm not judging). It just means you'll need to get a bit creative. And while you may not be napping all evening (though again, I'm not hating), there is a definite sense of relaxation you get from your own home that cannot be denied. Plus, staying in takes the cake when it comes to having absolute and total privacy. And really, isn't that the only thing you want on Valentine's Day? It's not about being seen, after all. It's about seeing nobody but the one you love.

All that being said, get creative, be relaxed, have privacy, and enjoy these suggestions for staying in this year. Trust me, you won't be missing out on anything except fixed dinner prices and long lines.

1. Breakfast in bed

If you want to start the day out right, then make sure to get things going with breakfast in bed. Red velvet French toast, heart-shaped pancakes, or a frothy caffeinated drink in an "I Love You" mug — your options are seemingly boundless when it comes to planning the perfect brunch menu. Get creative with the food, and make sure you're not making a racket while you cook... it kind of defeats the purpose.

2. Decorate the place

Decorations aren't just for Halloween and Christmas, they're for every holiday ever (or at least that's what I think). Stock up on red and pink tinsel and string lights, because if you decided to stay in on V-Day, you should make sure your home looks special. It's amazing what some confetti and heart balloons can do to glam up a living room.

3. Build an indoor fort

Blanket forts are utterly amazing, and they can be utterly romantic too. Whether you two are watching a favorite flick or just spending time talking, doing it inside of a cozy, cuddly blanket fort is the way to go.

4. Exchange homemade cards

Holiday cards are way overpriced these days. I mean, six bucks for a folded piece of paper with some cheesy phrase written on the inside? Ugh. The good news, however, is that you can feel more inspired than ever to make something homemade for your SO. Exchange handmade valentines while you're in for the night, and take a moment to actually appreciate the work that was put into them.

5. Play a drinking game

OK, just because you're not leaving the four walls of your home doesn't mean you can't get a little rowdy inside of them. All in good fun, right? Pour some wine (or whatever your drink of choice is), and pull out a board game. Make up some of your own rules (for example, every time you round the board, take a swig), and let the merriment begin.

6. Plan your next trip

You may not be in Paris at the moment, but it's actually quite wonderful how romantic planning your next getaway can be. Pick a destination and start doing some research. Talk about the things you want to do, sights you want to see, and where you want to stay. Just talking about a future trip is sure to up your dopamine levels and get the ball rolling on actual planning.

7. Run a bath

No matter how cliche they can be, a warm bubble bath with candles is hard to beat. Tubs have a tendency to be tiny, so this doesn't even have to be a group activity. I mean, there's nothing shameful in just wanting to read a book and soak by yourself.

8. Make a meal together

Forget delivery, but don't put all of the cooking responsibility on one person. Instead, pick out a delicious dinner menu and work together in the kitchen to make it happen. Making dinner together can be super bonding and fun, but just be sure you're not over-controlling when it comes to the actual cooking. Try to pick a meal you haven't made before, just to throw in a hint of adventure.

Images: Rosalee Yagihara, rachel a. k., Chris Goldberg, eyecmore, lamazone, Bradley Wells, Amy Altheia Cahill, Wick Paradise, christy sheffield, Matt Biddulph, matt verso/Flickr