Anna Kendrick Talks 'Fifty Shades of Grey'

Everyone has an opinion on the novel Fifty Shades of Grey, and it's hard not to. The book has been called "mommy porn," and deemed anti-feminist by some, but it's hard to argue that regardless of the multitude of opinions, the film will make millions when it opens nationwide Valentine's weekend, especially with positive early reviews. But Anna Kendrick, star of the upcoming movie musical The Last Five Years, wants you to know you can supplement Fifty Shades with another viewing option for Valentine's Day, once you've had enough handcuffs and riding crops.

She stars along side Jeremy Jordan in a film with little dialogue, and a hell of a lot of singing. The film, based off Jason Robert Brown's stage musical of the same name, centers around a relationship that takes place over five years. Kendrick stars as Cathy, a struggling actress in the big city, and Jordan takes on Jamie, an up-and-coming novelist who finds immediate success. We see the couple through their dating, marriage, and whatever else lies ahead.

The Pitch Perfect star even argues that this film has a happier ending than Fifty Shades of Grey. "Do you know what the ending of Fifty Shades of Grey is?" she asks. "He spanks her too hard and she leaves."

Her co-star Jeremy Jordan echoed Kendrick's words, saying: "Love has many facets, it has so many elements to it, you can really go many ways. If you want to watch sadomasochism, see Fifty Shades of Grey. If you want to watch some Jewish masochism, see The Last Five Years."

Well there you have it.

The Last Five Years hits theatres and OnDemand Friday, February 12.