Does Jamie Play The Piano Like Christian Grey?

With all this talk about the release of Fifty Shades of Grey, one can't help but wonder (when we aren't talking about the sex scenes and nudity) if Jamie Dornan plays the piano like Christian Grey. As we've all seen in the trailer, a shirtless Dornan as Christian sits at a piano after what looks to be a night of bow chicka wow wow with Anastasia Steele (I only assume this, because she struts out with a blanket wrapped around her). So, can Dornan play the piano in real life?

Well, I have no definitive answer, but I do know this: Dornan has a musical background! Even though they disbanded in 2008, Dornan used to sing for Sons of Jim, a folk group. The band even toured with KT Tunstall. After listening to a few of their songs, I have to say Dornan has a really nice voice. He definitely keeps on impressing and surprising me.

So, even though he has music in his blood, there is still no confirmation as to whether Dornan played the piano for real in the movie. I'm sure people will be so focused on the actual sex scenes that they won't even be bothered with if he's really playing an instrument.

With that said, here are few videos of Dornan singing. Funnily enough, some of his songs with Sons of Jim could probably fit into the romance of Fifty Shades of Grey. One song is titled "Fairytale," which is very appropriate. Another track is called "My Burning Son," which could also be on the film's soundtrack. Lastly, the band has a song titled "Don't Throw Your Love Away," which, yeah, totally goes with the Christian/Anastasia plot. Some of the songs might be a bit too upbeat for the dark demeanor the film seems to have, but, hey, who wouldn't want to hear Dornan/Christian sing?

Take a listen for yourself here:

Yeah, Jamie can sing for me anytime he wants.