Halle Berry Reveals a Genius Lipstick Trick

Just because Halle Berry is a natural born beauty doesn't mean she's clueless when it comes to makeup. She's learned a thing or two over her long career as a model-turned-actress, so when the 48-year-old icon talks beauty secrets, you can bet I'm listening. In an interview with Byrdie, Halle Berry revealed her go-to trick for achieving a natural lip tint. Ready? Here it is:

“For a natural pink tint to your lips, you can put on red lipstick, wipe it off, then apply a sheer gloss. The red lipstick will leave a slight stain on your lips and the gloss will add that extra shine.”

It's not just a good beauty trick, guys — it's a genius one! I don't know about you, but there have been so many times when I've applied lipstick only to regret how much I've just put on. I don't even want to get started on how many hours of my life I've spent searching for the perfect tinted lipgloss at Sephora or CVS, only to come home empty-handed. Who knew Halle Berry had all the solutions to my natural lip color woes?

Oh, and in case you were curious, you can also dress like Halle Berry when you go to work and even when you go to bed, with her newly-launched lingerie line. In other words, when faced with a fashion or beauty conundrum, just take a deep breath and ask yourself WWHBD?