Tracy Morgan Might Be A Surprise 'SNL 40' Guest

Sunday Night's celebration of SNL's 40th birthday is turning out to be the party we all wish we had been invited to. Basically, everyone's favorite guests, cast members, and friends of the show from the last 40 years of SNL are stopping by Studio 8H, so it's a good thing the show gets an entire three-hour time slot this Sunday or they'd never fit. Even with all the big names announced, some cast members are still surprisingly absent from the show's roster, one of them being Tracy Morgan. But NBC never insisted that the list was complete, so I have to wonder if there's still a chance that Tracy Morgan will show up on SNL 40. But unfortunately we may just have to get our epic Liz Lemon/Tracy Jordan/30 Rock reunion elsewhere. As it turns out, Morgan is still in recovery after a horrific accident that took place in June 2014.

If he doesn't stop by for a surprise visit, he'll certainly be missed. Morgan was a cast member on SNL for eight seasons, from 1996 to 2003, where he was responsible for some of awesome recurring characters like Brian Fellow and Astronaut Jones. His next best recurring character came from Fey's 30 Rock, which was basically a show about the insanity of putting on a late night show — just like SNL, but called TGS here — and Morgan played an exaggerated version of himself: Tracy Jordan. 30 Rock is still one of the best shows to ever grace television (I know everyone agrees with me here) and Fey and Morgan now have deeper NBC/SNL/30 Rock ties because of it. Fey's already stopping by for the special, so I'm still holding out for Morgan too.

Of course, the possibility of Morgan showing up is extremely thin as the accident left him in a dire state. This past summer, he was traveling home from an event when his limo bus was rear-ended by a tractor trailer. The accident killed comedian James McNair and sent Morgan into the hospital for weeks where he had multiple surgeries, and was later transferred to a rehab facility to continue recovery. It is all horribly sad, and Morgan is still undergoing physical therapy in relation to the accident, and frequently needs a cane or wheelchair to walk around.

Since then, Morgan has been out of the public eye. Considering his condition, most fans are assuming that he won't make an appearance at SNL's 40th birthday celebration. But not everyone is so pessimistic, in fact many folks are hoping that SNL 40 is going to be Morgan's first TV appearance since the crash. Seriously, what better place to do it than surrounded by all his old friends? His SNL support system has basically already been organized, and now all he has to do is show up. Also you can pretty much guarantee that there won't be a dry eye in the studio if he does show up. We just want to know see that Morgan's doing OK, OK?

Morgan's name doesn't appear in any of the SNL 40 promos, so if he does show up it'll be a complete surprise. And I, for one, am crossing my fingers that he does.

Image: crushabledotcom/tumblr