Emma Stone's New Movie Leaves Us With Questions

by Alanna Bennett

I cannot even stress how overwhelmed I am right now, guys, because I have been waiting for this movie for a long time: In fact, I'm pretty sure I first heard the words "Emma Stone and Cameron Crowe collaboration" years ago, and my Almost Famous-obsessed self has been twiddling my thumbs impatiently every since. Now that finally, the trailer for the Crowe/Stone collaboration Aloha is here, with Bradley Cooper to boot? I couldn't be more excited. So, how's it shaping up?

Stone and Cooper are both currently Oscar nominees — so with the Oscars exactly ten days away this does seem like an optimal time to finally drop this trailer into our lives. And while this trailer is amazing, I have to say, it does leave me with a lot of questions about this upcoming movie:

Why Does Hollywood Keep Romantically Pairing Emma Stone With People 15+ Years Older Than Her?

Edward Norton, Colin Firth, Bradley Cooper — I get it, they're all huge movie stars. But there has to be someone closer to Stone's age she could play opposite of. It really can't be that hard to find people of more similar ages to star together. Or, you know, there are women over 35 in Hollywood who would also be good contenders to star with these guys.

What Exactly Is Rachel McAdams' Role In This Film?

I just want the best for her, so I'm hoping she's more than the sage all-forgiving ex-girlfriend here and gets her own room to shine.

Why Won't They Let John Krasinski Talk?

He's so charming, why is he just being like muscle-bound and intimidating here?

What Was Bill Murray Like On Set?

The eternal question.

Why Does Hollywood Keep Making Movies About Hawaii With No People Of Color?

I spotted a few crowds of Hawaiian extras. But c'mon.

Is This More Jerry MaGuire Or More Almost Famous?

I'm sensing more Jerry MaGuire, but I still demand a stellar soundtrack, Crowe.

You can watch the trailer for yourself here:

Images: Columbia Pictures, MOVIECLIPS Trailers/Youtube