How Is The Bach Taking All That Criticism?

We've watched hunky farmhand Chris Soules sleepwalk his way through one of the most out of control seasons of The Bachelor we've ever seen, where the show's guilty pleasure craziness has seemingly crossed over into a "steamy chopper full of hate." And all of a sudden, the All-American farm boy who at first seemed too boring for television is responsible for one of the most eventful seasons in Bach history. But what is Bachelor Chris doing right now , now that the show is finished taping and he's been on his own for the past few months? While the rest of us have been waiting to see how this bizarre season will turn out, Chris is one of only a few people who knows which of the women he's going to choose as his bride.

This season taped back in late fall, so Chris has been spending the winter with his family, tossing roses from The Bachelor New Year's float, until the show premiered in January. But he's now in the whirlwind of activity that comes from starring as the new Bachelor. And while every day, someone posts a Vine of Chris & Becca leaving a date or an online tabloid publishes "Six Facts You Never Knew About Chris Soules!," here's what Chris has really been doing lately — and a few guesses as to what he'll do next.

He's Back on the Farm

Chris just posted a photo from what looks like a barn — somewhere where all of his brightly colored farm equipment is stored — with the caption "spring is coming." While spring certainly feels far off while we'll still in the doldrums of February, I guess for those who need to start thinking about plowing fields, it's just around the corner.

He's Bearing His Soul(es) in a Lot of Interviews

Chris has a weekly column for People Magazine where he explains how he was feeling back when the episodes taped. He's also been sought out by pretty much every magazine, from US Weekly to Ok! , so he can share his favorite snacks, explain what the one thing is a girl could do to drive him crazy, and justify just how he's made his decisions so far.

He's Devoted to Charity

Chris stays devoted to his Midwest roots, from his politeness to his devotion to charity. And he's sharing it with the rest of his small town, Arlington.

He's Planning Some Kind of Trip

Chris Tweeted this in response to an invitation from a very friendly University of Iowa sorority student to watch the next episode of The Bachelor on their campus. According to Ashley I. earlier this week on Jimmy Kimmel Live, this could be because The Bachelor: Women Tell All is due to tape next week. Sounds like Chris Soules' next move is to head back to LA for a little while before revealing who exactly is going to be his potential bride.