Other Things Obama Does When Nobody's Around

The Feb. 15 deadline for enrolling in the Affordable Care Act is coming up, so President Obama teamed up with BuzzFeed to remind America in his best promo video yet. Titled "Things Everyone Does But Doesn't Talk About," Obama is shown doing totally mundane things that we all do when no one else is around, like checking ourselves out in the mirror or doodling in our notebooks. President Obama — he's just like us! The video gets the president of the United States to loosen up like he's never done before, and now it's left us wanting more. If only we could all be creepy flies on the wall of Obama's life.

Obama probably knew that it was going to be tough to beat last year's appearance on Between Two Ferns, which was also made to reach young viewers and get them enroll in Obamacare. So it probably seemed like a natural choice to partner with BuzzFeed, one of the most popular websites for young people, a website that practically defines and decides what young people will look at on the Internet.

In the two-minute video, Obama makes funny faces in a mirror — the the nose wiggle, the hand-on-chin coy pose, and the tongue-out wink...

Tries on what BuzzFeed says are Joe Biden's aviators (he almost looks as good as Biden does in them)...

Takes a selfie using a selfie stick...

Practices his Obamacare reminder speech...

Blames himself when his cookie doesn't fit in his milk glass...

Doodles a sketch of Michelle Obama...

Plays air basketball...

And says "YOLO, man."

They're all just reminders that our president is human, too, and he just wants to live.

But now that we've gotten a glimpse into his life, we want to see more. Now we're dying to know how Obama does everything. For instance?

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Watch BuzzFeed's video below.

Images: The White House/Flickr (9)