'Inside Llewyn Davis' Looks Amazing

Unfortunately, I can't embed this one, but trust me — it's worth the extra nanosecond it's going to take you to click the hyperlink and watch it. IMDb just posted a new, extra long trailer for the Coen Brother's upcoming film, Inside Llewyn Davis , and to say it's amazing is pretty much one gigantic understatement.

Starring Oscar Isaac, the film follows the titular Llewyn Davis, who is a struggling musician in NYC's downtown folk/anti-folk scene in the '60s (dominated by artists like Bob Dylan and Joan Baez, at the time). The plot spans one week in Llewyn's life as he struggles to make it as a musician, despite obstacles standing in his way — some of his own making. An unrecognizable (but still radiant) Carey Mulligan also stars, in addition to John Goodman, Garrett Hedlund, and, awesomely, Justin Timberlake.

After making the rounds in the film festival circuit — and receiving a 92 percent rating on Rotten Tomatoes, in addition to a whole bunch of amazing reviews from pretty much every critic out there — the film is set to close the AFI Fest on Nov. 14, then open in limited release on Dec. 6.

To check out the full trailer, you can head on over to IMDb here.