5 Things To Do With Your BFF On Valentine's Day

The symbolic day of romance meant to put all other days of the year to shame fast approaches: Valentine's Day is nigh. Being in a relationship this time of year is like being wrapped in a comfy bubble, infallible and untouched by what the uncoupled refer to as Singles Awareness Day. For those of you who are single by default or choice, who better to spend the big day with than your BFF? Truly, consider the benefits: you don't have to wear makeup, worry about drinking too much wine, or stress about forcing the night to live up to everyone's expectations. Yoga pants are totally acceptable. Merlot, Cab or Zin; how's about all three? No tight dresses, no foie gras, no problematic lingerie. You're good to go with some Thai take-out, a couple onesies, and a box of cupcakes. Your cost will be cut down to a fourth of what you might have spent on the search for the ideal gift for that special someone.

This year, not only are you single, my dear, you are about to reap the delicious, relaxing, comfy rewards. This is a day to hunker down with your favorite companions and treasure their company. And on a day that's supposed to be celebrated with the one you love, there's no better person to spend time with than your very best friend. Here are some thoughts on how to do Valentine's Day with your BFF right.

1. Do Blindfolded Wine Tasting, Because Freedom

Here's a plan: your best friends come over to your place with the most intriguing bottle of wine they can find for less than $20. Each bottle is taped up so that brands aren't a factor, and everyone takes turns sampling, blindfolded. The end game is to guess the wine correctly. Or to get drunk.

2. Go On The Ultimate Friend-cation

Everything is a "-cation" nowadays, so why not craft your own? Find cheap accommodations within 40 miles of your place, book a room, and allow the change of scenery and camaraderie to brighten your life. While you're at it, consider how much better this experience is with someone who already knows you snort when you laugh.

3. Volunteer To Play With Shelter Puppies Together

You're blending a good, altruistic deed with your own hedonism in the form of fluffy balls of love. Might we just take a moment to discuss this intense stroke of genius? 'Kay, thanks.

4. Go On A Tech Hiatus And Unplug From The World

This may be an unconventional way to celebrate love, dating, and relationships, especially given the fact that the majority of our dates are achieved via online interaction in this dark, dark modern world. But taking a step back, letting the texts, emails, and calls fall to the abyss for 24 hours, and focusing on your BFF might be just what the love doctor ordered.

5. Make A Nutella Cheesecake Together, Obviously

I'll just leave this recipe here...

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