Lady Gaga's Jeff Koons Album Cover Is As Weird And Wonderful As Expected

Classic Lady Gaga. Just when she had us scared that her new, more vanilla look was going to signal a move towards conventionality (see picture above), out she comes with the most magnificently strange and utterly cool cover art: a Lady Gaga sculpture by Jeff Koons. So she is both fully present (and naked) on the cover her newest album, ARTPOP, and not there at all, which is super trippy in and of itself, as if the background graphic wasn't mindbend-y enough. What the blue orb in front of her lower body signifies, I have not the slightest idea, but I'm sure such sundries will come out in the countless interviews that will follow the album's release on Nov. 11.

There are so many different amazing things about this cover art — not only does it feature a surprising and awesome collaboration between artists of different mediums, it's a complete step away from the aesthetic of Gaga's two previous albums. So, once again, we will get to experience a new shade of Lady Gaga as the singles off of ARTPOP and their accompanying videos come out, always an aesthetic treat. "Applause" has already topped the charts internationally, and it seems Gaga has gone even more conceptual for this album, ya know, because the whole Jesus references and face spikes thing from Born This Way wasn't quite individual enough. Regardless, get excited for the visually decadent videos to come. If this Koons cover art is any indicator, we have a lot of fun media coming our way.