The Blonde Salad Has a Harvard Moment

Another blondie has hit Harvard's campus. But this time, there won't be a Bruiser. Or a bunny costume. Bummer, I know. Blogger Chiara Ferragni, or more widely known as The Blonde Salad, headed to Cambridge, MA to Harvard's Business school, making a guest appearance at a special MBA course.

Led by Anat Keinan, the associate professor of business administration in the business school's marketing department, the program focused on business models by three fashion juggernauts: Stella McCartney, Jimmy Choo, and The Blonde Salad as a company, according to WWD.

The particular case study on Ferragni's company explores several different aspects of the business, like whether The Chiara Ferragni's collection, the company's footwear line, should be joined together with The Blonde Salad, or kept separate. Students delved deeply into her social media and studied the effects of her Instagram, as well as advertising and marketing in general.

Students in the class were able to ask Ferragni, Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer Riccardo Pozzoli, and Group General Manager Alessio Sanzogni questions and did much of the case study in the classroom. The study concluded in a decision to create more independent content and select partnerships and collaborations with more care.

And, what's more, next month, Ferragni will release a capsule collection sold on Hello backpacks, beanies, and T-shirts galore, all with her iconic eye pattern.

The point of Professor Keinan's course? To highlight women in fashion. Can we get a hell yeah? Maybe the coolest part about this particular study is that it's the first of Harvard's case studies to focus around a blogger—a testament to the unstoppable growth of bloggers and their future in business. It's refreshing to see recognition of bloggers and their growing presence, especially at such a prestigious and respected institution. When fashion and a business-minded woman marry, it's a dream.