13 Songs To Calm You Down At Night No Matter How Awake You Are

This long-exposure photograph taken on August 12, 2013 shows the Milky Way in the clear night sky near Yangon. The Perseid meteor shower occurs every year in August when the Earth passes through the debris and dust of the Swift-Tuttle comet. AFP PHOTO / Ye Aung Thu (Photo credit should read Ye Aung Thu/AFP/Getty Images)
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Sometimes, it's hard to wind down after a long day. All you want to do is relax, but your mind is racing - things you have to do at work, errands you need to run, goals you want to accomplish. 

But if you want to catch up on some much needed chill time, take it from us: you need to dim the lights, get in your favorite pajamas and put on some relaxing tunes. To get you started, we've combined 13 songs with 13 calming scenes to get you in your zen space. 

Only Time,” Enya

Pretty much the ultimate when it comes to calming music. 

Collapse,” Vancouver Sleep Clinic 

The band title says it all. 

Heartbeats,” Joseph Gonzalez 

The beautiful guitar in this one will make you forget all your stress. 

All Of The Stars,” Ed Sheeran 

Just imagine Ed serenading you. You’ll be calm in no time.  

Rise,” Jason Mraz 

At only a 1:29, Mraz’s song is short and sweet. 

Come Away With Me,” Norah Jones 

Sip some wine, sit by the fire and listen to some Norah Jones. It’ll take your mind off things, we promise. 

The Fault in Our Stars,” Troye Sivan 

Let this angelic voice soothe you. 

I’m Yours,” Jason Mraz 

Adorable and calming? Jason Mraz, I’ll be yours if you sing this song forever. 

Clocks,” Coldplay 

Keep Calm and Play Coldplay. 

Home,” Michael Buble 

Let Michael Buble calm all your nerves. It’s basically his job. 

Porcelain,” Moby 

This song is both deeply calming and incredibly cool. 

Colorblind,” Counting Crows 

Hauntingly beautiful. 

I Want To Know What Love Is,“ Mariah Carey

Mariah, girl, you’ve done it again.