14 Pink And Red Foods To Help You Celebrate Valentine's Day In The Most Delicious Way Possible

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When Valentine's Day rolls around, absolutely everything is covered in red, white, and pink — including Valentine's Day food. For some, this is a visual reminder that their least favorite time of the year has arrived, but if you’re a lover of the gushiest day of the year, then it’s a great thing. So if that’s you and you’re feeling extra festive, take Valentine’s Day one step further and keep the color theme going strong throughout your romantic dinner at home by trying your hand at whipping up some of the most Valentines-y, over-the-top pink dishes we could possibly find.

Whether it’s a nice batch of pink pasta, or a perfectly pink scone for a color coordinated breakfast in bed, we’ve got all the tastiest and, most importantly, pinkest dishes for you to whip up this Valentine's day for yourself, your friends, or your special someone. So get your pots and pans out, and get ready to get chef-ing for the most perfectly festive Valentine's Day you’ve ever had. Because absolutely nothing says Happy Valentine's Day like a big ol’ plate of pink food in front of you.

Image: Effortlessly Chic

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