Watch Taylor Swift and Karlie Kloss Arm Wrestle

A possible Taylor Swift x Karlie Kloss Vogue cover has been rumored for months and it's said to be the upcoming March issue, so anticipation is fevered. This really short clip of the tall, lanky, and lovely blonde doppelgangers arm wrestling appeared on Twitter and YouTube this morning, spurring on further speculation that this cover might be HAPPENING. If this four-second video of Taylor Swift and Karlie Kloss staring each other down suggestively before entering the heat of an arm wrestling battle is from their potential Vogue cover shoot, we're in for quite the treat.

Yeah, yeah, while this is cover will be an event in fashion, this video is everything.

Even though the clip is less than five seconds, there's a lot going on. Raised brows. Suggestive looks. Poker faces. A clear victor. In blink-and-you'll-miss-it style, Swift and Kloss educate the rest of us on how to evoke and demonstrate power without saying a word or even looking at the camera.

No need to stomp feet, pull hair, bang fists on tables, or yell. You can throw someone off their game with one gaze.

This is how you live the part of glamazon and how you can really let your guard down with your bestie. Take notes. Watch closely. Pay attention. Taylor Swift and Karlie Kloss have confirmed that school is in session.

Learn how to really stare down and defeat an opponent.

1. Keep Your Friends Close But...

Tay Tay and Karlie are besties, but here, they are about to do battle. Swift kept her friend close but her enemy closer with a darling, gentle, but sly smile. It could throw her opponent off with its perceived kindness.

2. Fake It 'Til You Make It

At first, Double K seemed equally inviting and warm...

3. P-P-P-Poker Face

Anyone else hearing the Lady Gaga song? At first, Kloss returned Swift's smile. Then she narrowed her eyes and proceeded to put her poker face on.

4. Pursed!

With pursed lips and a laser-like focus, you get the sense that Swift isn't going to stand a chance once elbows are on the table.

5. Time For Battle

Since Swift can't stifle her laughter, she's put herself at a disadvantage.

6. The Victor

Double K had this round.

7. Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

The smiling victor and the SMH loser! Too cute.

And that's how you enter and exit a battle, ladies.

Images: Screenshots/YouTube (7)