T. Swift Prob Prioritized These Things Over Kanye

Pardon me as I giggle like the petty, petty schoolgirl I clearly still am. According to E! Online, Kanye West told Vogue that Taylor Swift didn't show up to his Adidas fashion show. Which is fantastically ironic, considering West shows up everywhere he isn't supposed to all the time, like, oh I don't know, on stage for Swift's and Beck's acceptance speeches. So yes, you're correct in assuming that I may or may not be playing Justin Timberlake's "What Goes Around... Comes Around" as write this. Anyhow, I predict that the "Style" singer isn't as vengeful as I am. Because she's obv just a way better person than all of us in general.

What I mean is that Swift probably, legitimately, not even in a mean sort of way, had better things to do than go to Kanye's presentation at New York Fashion Week. And, if you're sitting there saying, "Oh yeah? Like what?" I am here to serve you with all of those possible options. And, let me assure you, they are plentiful. Because when you indirectly own the world, your days are busier than other mere mortals'.

So, here are some legitimate excused as to why Swift couldn't make it to Yeezus's fashion show:

She had to brush her cats

And Meredith was being difficult. As usual.

She had to count all of her friends


She was in a private jet going to an exotic locale 35,000 feet above NYFW

This is actually, probably true. Because she's always in some sort of exotic locale.

She forgot. It happens.


She hasn't reached a proper level of consciousness to meet Anna Wintour yet


She was alphabetizing all of her red lipsticks

She and Lena Dunham were in the midst of an intense staring contest and neither of them would back down

She was reading through all of her brother's hilarious tweets.

I've been lost in them a few times myself.

She was looking into buying her own country


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