In my naive mind, the champagne and caviar is constantly flowing backstage during all of the NYFW shows. This may or may not be true considering the ratio of calories to itty bitty clothes that the models have to squeeze into. But caviar did make at least one appearance this fashion week, only it wasn't for eating. The models at Ohne Titel wore caviar microbeads as eyeliner. Yes, really.

According to, the show's innovative makeup artist, Kabuki, repurposed caviar microbeadsthe 3D nail art embellishment that beauty junkies were going crazy for back in 2012. But hellooo, this is 2015 and tired-and-true trends need to be kicked up a notch. Kabuki gave caviar microbeads a fresh, avant-garde twist and used them to turn up the drama dial on the otherwise dainty and demure makeup that accompanied Ohne Titel's fall/winter 2015 collection.

Equipped with his arsenal of tiny purple pebbles and a simple solution of watered down Elmer's glue, Kabuki transformed the nail art trend into an eyeliner of sorts, sweeping the beads onto the models' lower lash line. While there are tons of DIY caviar nail art videos on YouTube from the past couple of years, none make use of microbeads for the face. Perhaps all those beauty bloggers are afraid of getting caviar-sized drops in their eyes?

If you are interested in trying the look at home, Kabuki's method is as easy as can be. All you need is a little glue and a little caviar (bead) and soon you'll be as stylish as a runway model. Just be sure to protect those peepers!

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