7 Beauty "Bars" the World Needs

by Hayli Goode

First came a bar for drinking, followed by the now super famous DryBar, and now... an extension bar? New York City got even greater when RPZL (get it? Rapunzel?), the first ever hair extension bar, opened its doors on February 5th. I believe this means you're in and out, with significantly longer hair, in the matter of time it takes to get a blowout, yes?

RPZL Salon was founded by Monica Thornton, who was formerly a international human rights lawyer for the United Nations and Lisa Richard, who started a Chinese entertainment company. When the two moved to New York, they were reportedly looking for ways to save money on their "world-class extensions."

The salon makes all of their extensions using a specific, high-quality type of human hair. Normally extensions are attached with melted glue, but RPZL uses keratin extensions, meaning they're completely heat-free. According to Teen Vogue, this process is much faster because you don't have wait for one extension to cool.

RPZL wants to provide an experience as well. You can order a drink, eat a Baked by Melissa cookie and choose a song on their personal iPod while your stylist is making your hair longer. It's sad this is only in New York, but I can see the trend catching on enough to make it to the Midwest.

Until then, here are seven other beauty bars this world needs.

1. Smokey Eye Beauty Bar


No matter how hard I try, I will never achieve the smokey eye on my own. I'll get started, then I'll have to call in my roommate to help me finish. Le sigh. For those of us who struggle with the beauty look, we need a place to go after work to create the perfect night-out smokey eye.

2. Contour Beauty Bar

It's not as easy as simply painting a few light specks of foundation here, and a few dark colors there. Apparently, there's a science to a perfectly-contoured face, which I can't seem to master. To wake up and leave my apartment fresh-faced and go to a place that will give me cheekbones and a strong jawline sounds like a dream come true.

3. Glasses Bar


Imagine this: A room lined with pairs and pairs of thick-rimmed glasses and fun sunglasses that you can rent for the day. Finally, a pair of sunnies to go with every outfit!

4. Fashion Magazine Bar


I'm not thinking like a newsstand or the most beloved corner of Barnes & Noble. This would actually be a coffee/juice/tea/Karlie's Kookie bar filled from top to bottom with fashion magazines. (aka, my heaven on earth).

5. Beauty Samples Bar


This would be like the sample lipstick isle in Sephora, but more. The entire room would be filled with only samples of lipsticks, dry shampoos, eyeshadow, etc. And the actual products would be in the back, ready to purchase once you fell in love with a product.

6. Makeup Removal Bar

Hagen Hopkins/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Because it sometimes takes more than soap and water to remove all of the makeup from your face! If you're like me, your sensitive skin pretty much hates removers that contain harsh chemicals. It would be great to have a one-stop shop where you could test different removal techniques with the help of experts.

7. Hair Paint Bar


Switching up your hair color on a whim is so fetch now. I would love a place I could go in, try a color on my hair and leave it until I wash it out. Today I'm feeling lavender...

Images: RPZL; Getty (6); Kim Kardashian West/Instagram