Rebecca Minkoff and Essie Are Teaming Up

There are two camps of people in the great nail color debate: Those sophisticated and warm ladies who can't wait until the temperature drops so they can break out the deep and dark shades of nail polish that are locked away until the holidays, and those who sit around in sundresses, marking down the days on their calendars until spring has sprung and they can finally adorn their digits with neon colors, bright pinks, and lavenders. I am wholeheartedly a part of the latter. Deep plums and burgundies are all well and good and there's something so cozy about having my dark chocolate nails match the hot coco I'm about to enjoy, but there's nothing quite as sunny and bright as nail polishes that match warm summer weather. Thankfully, my days of waiting for the sun and spring colors to arrive are finally numbered with the news that Rebecca Minkoff and Essie have partnered for the polish brand's spring line.

Minkoff has been named global color designer of Essie. The result? Several luminous and gorgeous collections due to hit shelves throughout spring 2015. The debut of the first collection, Flowerista, is only a few weeks away and it's full of glorious nudes and poppy punches of floral-colored shades.

All six shades pack plenty of serious flower power, but these top three have bloomed into total show stoppers.

Picked Perfect

This caramel nude is creamy and soft with a touch of shimmer.


The namesake of the collection is a brilliant and vibrant purple with glossy red undertones.

Blossom Dandy

Just one look at this cool teal and mint green hue and you know that the springtime blossoms can't be too far off!