Six New Ways to Rock a Bandana

by Lauren Turner

One of the most exciting things about fashion week is learning new ways to style old favorites. This year, the bandana has made a comeback, but not as a hair accessory. Instead, we're seeing models wearing bandanas as a statement necklace.

So far, we've seen the bandana necklace trend at the Coach and Wes Gordon shows. At both presentations, the bandanas were accessorized with dresses. And with such different aesthetics from each collection, it proves the bandana can be a versatile styling accessory. Oh, and pro tip: if you adopt the bandana as your new go-to statement necklace, your jewelry drawer will get a lot less cluttered. You're welcome.

I personally find it a little too wild, wild west. It makes me think of a '99 version of Will Smith is going to try to have a quickdraw gun fight with me (which I honestly wouldn't mind).

And if you agree with me, don't worry at all. You can style a bandana in so many different ways — you might even start your own trend. From the usual head scarf to a simple pocket square, bandanas can be worn in so many different ways. Check out our favorite new ways to rock this classic.

Image: Kylie Jenner/Instagram