12 Bathroom DIY Projects That Will Make Even The Smallest Space Look Better & More Organized

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Let's face it, the bathroom is not the most appealing room in your house or apartment. I mean, we all know what goes on in there, so we don't need to discuss it in detail here. The point is, bathroom DIY projects may not sound like the most interesting way to spend a Saturday, especially when there are so many other pretty home improvement projects you could be working on instead.

But maybe they kind of should be, because when you think about it, you're in your bathroom all the time. Any time you have a friend or family member or significant other over, they go in your bathroom. Wouldn't it be nice to make it cute and cozy and even kind of fun and unique? I think so. It definitely gives you something more interesting to look at while doing your business.

These DIY projects will make any bathroom, spacious or closet-sized, look instantly better. They're all useful, too, so it's not like you're just stocking the room with items that are taking up space. Kick things up a notch in your bathroom with these projects, and I promise, spending time in there will be a lot more relaxing.

Image: Now That’s Pretty

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