12 Bathroom DIY Projects That Will Make Even The Smallest Space Look Better & More Organized

Let's face it, the bathroom is not the most appealing room in your house or apartment. I mean, we all know what goes on in there, so we don't need to discuss it in detail here. The point is, bathroom DIY projects may not sound like the most interesting way to spend a Saturday, especially when there are so many other pretty home improvement projects you could be working on instead.

But maybe they kind of should be, because when you think about it, you're in your bathroom all the time. Any time you have a friend or family member or significant other over, they go in your bathroom. Wouldn't it be nice to make it cute and cozy and even kind of fun and unique? I think so. It definitely gives you something more interesting to look at while doing your business.

These DIY projects will make any bathroom, spacious or closet-sized, look instantly better. They're all useful, too, so it's not like you're just stocking the room with items that are taking up space. Kick things up a notch in your bathroom with these projects, and I promise, spending time in there will be a lot more relaxing.

Image: Now That’s Pretty

A Pretty Ring Dish

Whether you’re washing your hands, cleansing your face, or taking a shower, one thing’s for sure: almost every time you go into the bathroom, you inevitably have to take rings off your fingers. Instead of putting your jewelry on the sink where you may or may not forget about it, have a small dish, like this one from Vitamini Handmade, sitting on the counter to keep everything safe. This looks like a pretty decorative item, and serves a good purpose.

Photo and Tutorial: Vitamini Handmade

A Towel Rack and Shelf

Instead of buying a cheap towel rack from IKEA that looks like everyone else’s towel rack, try making your own. This wooden version from The Merry Thought is pretty and very simple, so it will go with almost every style. The rack is perfect for keeping your towels at hand, while the shelf will hold the necessities.

Photo and Tutorial: The Merry Thought

DIY Wall Art

Who says your bathroom has to be boring just because it’s a bathroom? Make it more fun with some DIY wall art, like this easy washi tape wall art from A Beautiful Mess. It’s a fun way to keep things interesting. It’s also a great way to take up blank wall space if you have nothing else to put there.

Photo and Tutorial: A Beautiful Mess

Vanity Mirror

If you have the room in your bathroom for a vanity mirror like this one from Now That’s Pretty, go for it! Every time you use it, you’ll feel like a Broadway star getting ready to make your debut in New York City. Fabulous, darling, fabulous.

Photo and Tutorial: Now That’s Pretty

A Tissue Box Cover

Make something as small as a tissue box look decorative by creating a cover for it. This wooden one from The Merry Thought is super simple. You can make it any color you want and even put a design on it — or you can just leave it as is for a more minimalist look.

Photo and Tutorial: The Merry Thought

A Hanging Basket

If you have little space on the floor, take advantage of wall space as much as possible by hanging baskets like these from A Beautiful Mess. They can be used to hold towels, toilet paper, makeup, whatever you want.

Photo and Tutorial: A Beautiful Mess

A Hamper

Instead of letting your dirty clothes and/or towels pile up on the floor (don’t lie, you’ve done it), stick them in a hamper. If they sit there for a few days, it will STILL look better than if they were on the floor. This wire one from The Merry Thought ensures that it will stay sturdy.

Photo and Tutorial: The Merry Thought

Copper Shelves

You need shelves in any bathroom to hold your makeup and hair products, or other little knick-knack things. These copper peg shelves from Vintage Revivals are pretty easy to put together, and have a very simple look that will work for almost any style.

Photo and Tutorial: Vintage Revivals

Pretty Candle Holders

Every bathroom, no matter what it looks like, should have at least one candle. It should smell great, and ideally look great too. These DIY gold leaf votive holders from Vitamini Handmade are so pretty, and will help leave your bathroom smelling great.

Photo and Tutorial: Vitamini Handmade

Hand Towel Ring

Keep one smaller towel close to your sink so that people can easily dry their hands. A towel ring is perfect for the job, and why buy one if you could make it, you know? The Merry Thought offers a simple tutorial you’ll love.

Photo and Tutorial: The Merry Thought

Fun Soap

If you’re into photography, show off your skills and passion with these pretty little photo soaps. Washing your hands becomes so much more fun when you have soaps like these — if you can bring yourself to use them. Oh, and they also make awesome gifts.

Photo and Tutorial: A Beautiful Mess

A Brass Faucet

Make your sink 10 times more interesting with a crazy brass bridge faucet like this one. It will literally be the star of your bathroom.

Photo and Tutorial: Vintage Revivals