The 6 Best Fitness Apps to Tech-ify Your Workout

Like digital personal trainers, these apps keep you on your game (and are kind of like video games). Apps make it easier to work out solo and get the most out of your routine. With high-tech GPS data and features like heartbeat monitors and food diaries, it's easier to log your fitness and keep improving. To counter the hibernating and toffee eating that this winter promises, here are 6 amazing apps to amp up your workouts, gym-free.

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Yoga Studio

For $2.99, you get your very own personalized yoga class. With Yoga Studio, you can build your own routine or select one that's already been designed. You can choose an area to focus on for the class — balance, strength, endurance, etc. The poses are demonstrated with HD videos and instructor audio and the soundtrack of your choice. Namaste!

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7 Minute Workout

You now have literally no excuses for not working out. This free app makes it super easy to time the 30- and 10-second increments that make up the intense 7 minutes.

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Zombies, Run!

Part video game, part workout, this interactive app ($3.99) spices up your mundane treadmill workout by immersing you in a virtual zombie apocalypse. You'll sprint away from bloodthirsty monsters all while listening to your favorite soundtrack.

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Map My Run

This GPS tracker announces your distance achievements while you're running, tracks the calories you burn, and shows you nearby routes recommended by other runners. And you can find other runners in your 'hood who have similar jogging habits — new pacing pals! This app also works for cyclists and walkers.


Argus is a SuperApp: It counts your steps, tracks your sleep cycles, serves as a food diary, monitors your heartbeat, and probably has a kitchen sink in there, too. The only downside is it can be a real battery drain, but you can always recharge both yourself and your phone.

Speedo Pace Club

This app for swimmers provides workouts complete with warm-ups, drills, laps, and warm-downs. Technique videos accompany each workout. There's also a pool finder that will locate nearby pools and a social network where you can "high five" other swimmers and compete. Rad!