Bey And Blue's Selfie Just Won Instagram

The Queen of all Bees has a bumble-bee-in-training. Beyoncé and Blue Ivy took a selfie, and their faces were covered in tiny plastic bees. So it's basically the greatest picture to ever grace Instagram with it's presence.

Beyoncé posted the selfie featuring her adorable three-year-old daughter, Blue Ivy, to Instagram on Saturday, captioning it "Happy Valentine's Day." The two modeled their best duck lips and gave off some major attitude in the picture, as they tapped into Beyoncé's anointed title of "Queen Bey" and blew kisses to her fans. The 33-year-old singer looked flawless, as per usual, going makeup free for the snap, but Blue definitely steals this show. With a bright pink hair bow, the little one sassed up the camera, proving that she's clearly going to follow in her famous mama's footsteps as Queen Bey. And I mean, her name even begins with a "B", so it's really just inevitable at this point. The "Love on Top" singer is generally pretty private about posting pictures of her daughter, so this was a fantastic Valentine's Day surprise, but since Blue is getting older (and has obviously mastered her modeling), maybe we'll have a few more fierce mother-daughter selfies in store?

Images: Getty Images; beyonce/Instagram