On 'Brooklyn Nine-Nine' Captain Holt Was in a Rage

OK, so when you think about Brooklyn Nine-Nine 's Captain Ray Holt, you don't really get the warm and fuzzies. The fearless leader of the 99th Precinct is stoic, stern, and has absolutely no time for Jake Peralta's daily antics. However, on Sunday night's episode of Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Holt was even angrier than usual, taking it on the precinct with even stricter rules and regulations. Jake and Gina were not having this.

It would seem that the root of Holt's anger would be related to Jake. He does seem to do at least one thing that pisses Holt off every episode. Even the team thought that Holt's bad mood was all Jake's fault. The guy did open a celebratory bottle of sparkling apple cider in his office, the cork flying off the bottle into the sprinklers, soaking Holt's entire office, including the folded paper crane given to him by his husband Kevin. Now that's sad.

However, Jake figured out that Holt was irritable long before what has been dubbed "The Wednesday Incident." Thinking Holt may be having problems at home, Jake enlisted Gina's help because she's pretty tight with Kevin. He has been calling her by her first name lately instead of "Linetti," after all.

After a quick chat to confirm that things between he and Holt are fine, Kevin joins Jake and Gina as they retrace Holt's steps the day his mood took a turn for the worse. And may I just say that any episode that features Kevin is a winner in my book. Marc Evan Jackson gives him such a lovable finickiness that makes Kevin the perfect partner for Holt.

As they visit the diner where Holt eats his breakfast every morning and then his painting class, Jake, Gina, and Kevin don't find out anything, except that Holt has an affinity for painting rocks. The mission seems like a bust, that is until they find out Holt did not spar with his usual fencing partner that afternoon. Kevin thinks Holt has lied to him, which makes him bow out of the quest to figure out Holt's sour mood.

Now Jake and Gina think they're responsible for breaking up a marriage. Really, if we were to guess, isn't this who we'd all picture to do this exact sort of thing, anyway? Jake tries to salvage the mission by channeling the mind of Holt, putting on what he and Gina thinks is a spot-on impression of the police captain, which happens to just be a bad British accent. After some digging they find surveillance footage that shows Holt was mugged.

Uhhhhh, actually they're wrong again. It turns out Holt fought off the muggers but not without getting stabbed in the process. How badass is Holt? The guy probably didn't even know he got stabbed until he looked down and saw the wound because I'm convinced he's actually a cyborg. Kevin didn't like that Holt kept this traumatic encounter from him, and Holt got even angrier because he doesn't like anyone meddling in his business, especially Peralta. In the end, the mystery of Holt's bad mood was solved when he revealed that the real reason he wasn't having anything is because he acted foolishly and irresponsibly by taking on those muggers. He even complimented Jake for his help. Not really though.

This episode of Brooklyn Nine-Nine brought me back to the early episodes of the series. The love-hate relationship between Jake and Holt is at the core of the show. I mean, the pilot episode was all about the collision of Holt's discipline and Jake's anti-authority ways. Plus, it's nice to see Holt act more vulnerable. His strength and regimented ways is a nice contrast to the rest of the craziness on the show, but seeing him let his hair down every once in a while, metaphorically speaking of course, is always enjoyable.

Images: Eddy Chen/FOX; lastvhs, trashybooksforladies, jakeparalta/Tumblr