Make Sure Blackheads Are Really Gone With These

One of the most annoying things about treating acne is that it usually takes at least two weeks to see results. This can also be the case with blackheads depending on the type of wash or treatment used. But sometimes, we just want immediate results. And while you can have blackheads professionally extracted, this can be extremely time-consuming, painful, and expensive. But thankfully, there are some tools and blackhead treatment products that are a little more accessible, and don't require an appointment to let you see results right away.

Because let's be real: We all love immediate gratification. It's really not that fun to spend long hours in front of the mirror trying to analyze how well a new product is working. What is fun (albeit also a little gross) is being able to physically capture blackheads so you can be 100 percent sure it's out of your face and out of your life. That's where these four products come in. Each is able to prove within 10-15 minutes that your blackheads are a thing of the past. Will you feel a little repulsed looking at all the gunk that has been pulled from your face? Maybe. But will you feel immensely satisfied knowing those things are gone? Definitely. So if you're ready for some disgustingly awesome results, here's what you need to try:

1. An Extractor

Sephora Collection Complexion Extractor with Lance, $31, Amazon

An extractor like this one will allow you to physically push out each and every blackhead, pore by pore. Just make sure to use gentle pressure so as not to cause any scarring.

2. A Pore Strip

Biore Deep Cleansing Pore Strips, $12, Amazon

But if you like to remove more than one blackhead at a time, try a pore strip like this one. Although it doesn't always remove 100 percent of blackheads, it does yank out a majority. And it's weirdly satisfying to just stare at all the little pests that you have evicted from your face. Just make sure to avoid any DIYs that claim this type of product can be made at home.

3. A Clay Mask

GLAMGLOW Supermud Clearing Treatment, $56, Amazon

This mask can be used all over the face or even just as a spot treatment. It starts as a dark gray color, but dries to a light gray. As it dries, it pulls impurities from pores. And when it is dry? All the gunk that has come out of pores darkens the clay back to a dark gray so you can see exactly what has been extracted.

4. A Peel-Off Mask

Boscia Luminizing Black Mask, $55, Amazon

A peel-off mask like this one works like a gentler pore strip for your whole face. Once it dries, it will latch onto blackheads and pull them out as you peel the mask from your face. Talk about satisfying.

Just make sure to keep up with your choice of treatment once a week to make sure your blackheads stay away for good.

Images: rohappy/Fotolia; Courtesy Brands