See 6 Outfits From H&M Loves Coachella

'Tis (nearly) the season for crop tops and cutoffs! The H&M Loves Coachella capsule collection is the first festival-specific line we've seen this season, and it totally nails the concert-going vibe. The set is designed for guys and girls, with just the right amount of fringe and hippie chic.

Weekend-long, or even day-long, festivals take a lot out of you, so dressing properly is probably one of the most critical things you can do to extend your Coachella enjoyment. Well, besides proper hydration, careful sun protection, and a mapped out sched so you don't miss the bands you want to see, of course.

H&M Loves Coachella is appropriate for the task at hand, keeping you comfy and stylish in the desert while rocking for 12-plus hours to a whole bunch of awesome bands. It's pretty practical, too. As someone whose "other" job is to go to festivals and do music stuff such as this, I've been going to festivals for years and am happy to see retailers creating apparel that caters to this need. Nothing sucks more than a clingy, heavy, or dirty fabric in the heat. You are already sweating and dirty, and after eight hours, you're close to done, but you keep going because you love music.

But if your clothes look like you feel, it's double the misery.


The collection drops March 19 in stores. Even if Coachella plans are not in your future, the outfits are spring and summer apropos, too!

These are the six ensembles that we've seen so far, ranked in order of fabulosity. First the ladies, then the gents!


1. Festival Apparel Perfection

Even with the self-referential graphic tee, this is a quintessential festival outfit. The short shorts and the tee are comfy and can take a beating, plus to loose, cape-like top covers skin and protects it from the sun without being too heavy. The open-toe shoes are the only problematic element. It's always good to go with a sneaker, like Vans or Chuck Taylors, to keep feet clean and covered. Nothing hurts worse than getting your toes stomped by dancing fools.

2. Light And Airy, With Woodstock Inspo

This outfit is light in color and fabric, and has that '60s, Woodstock feel. The flowy, robe-like top adds another layer of sun protection and can provide warmth when the sun goes down. The shorts are loose and cozy, so no chafing. But those shoes? They were made for walking... from stage to stage!

3. Hippie Chic

Festival attire always has some fringe factored in. The net-like skirt is super cute and I'd wear it, but it might not be my first choice for a festival in terms of practicality. I do love how it shows some midriff.


1. Basic, But Gets The Job Done

This dude look is basic, yes, but it gets the job done. The black tee is loose and the flannel wrapped around the waist isn't just decorative. If it cools down at night, he won't have to retreat indoors.

2. Graphic Arts

Again, black is not always recommended as a color to wear when baking in the sun all day, but that's advice I largely ignore as a daily wearer of black. That said, the cuffed jeans and the cactus-print top are kitschy and cool... as in "will keep him cool and comfortable."

3. Is That Cody Simpson?

This very blonde dude looks like Cody Simpson, a beach rat if there ever was one, and that's a term I am using lovingly. That said, the ripped jeans and tye dye-like tee are light and practical. All of the dude outfits are so wearable and appropriate — I might have to snag some for myself.

Images: H&M (6)