Students Use Snapchat To Add Absolutely Hilarious Captions To Their School Textbooks — PHOTOS

One of the great cruelties of buying textbooks in college is that if you want to be able to sell your crazy expensive books back to the bookstore at the end of the semester, you’re not supposed to write in them. But how often have we all found ourselves sitting in class, just itching to doodle all over those glossy pages? Two clever students have found an easy, hilarious work-around for this problem: They use Snapchat to caption images in their literature textbooks. Last week, Imgur user MycketKreativtNamn posted a series of captioned pictures from the Norton Anthology of English Literature, explaining, “My friend keeps snapchatting me pictures from the textbook during our literature classes... It's fantastic.” Their masterpieces include revisions of Pre-Raphaelite paintings, illustrations of Gulliver’s Travels, paintings by William Blake, and a photograph of Oscar Wilde, among others. MycketKreativtNamn assures us that class isn’t all Snapchatting and hilarity, writing to a commenter, “Haha no, we have to do some actual studying as well.”

As someone who has taught many an undergraduate literature course, I must express my official disapproval of snapchatting during class. As a sentient human person, however, I say brava, fine students. Well played.

Image: Imgur