Amy Poehler & Brother Greg's New Sitcom For NBC Sounds Delightfully Hilarious

If someone came up to you and said, quick: Name the two funniest people on the planet, your answer, of course, would be Amy Poehler and the Swedish chef from The Muppets. Both comedic geniuses with blonde heritage, you know as well as I do that there's no one funnier. Thankfully, NBC understands the inherent hilarity in Poehler and Sweden, and has purchased a sitcom that features both. Amy Poehler's brother Greg Poehler's show Welcome to Sweden has been picked up after airing in Sweden for the past year.

The show is loosely based on Greg's real life — he plays New York accountant Bruce who falls in love with a Swedish woman named Emma and moves to her home country. The series was Sweden's first to run in the English language and had illustrious guest stars like Amy's Parks and Recreation co-star Aubrey Plaza, and the inimitable Will Ferrell.

Amy and Greg Poehler started a production company called Syskon, which means "sibling" in Swedish, and they plan on producing the American version of Welcome to Sweden, as well. No word yet if Will Ferrell will continue to be a regular when this show hits the air Stateside, but if his Swedish Old Milwaukee beer commercials are any indication, he'll be happy to keep poking fun at the blatant amusement provided by the language barrier.

So, let's raise our kasa to the Poehlers and say, Skål bitches. Here's to an amazing new show.

And here, because why not: