Amy Poehler: Hilarious, Caring & Wise

Amy Poehler, what magic is inside you? What don-demoninational gods and/or goddess combined to harness that warm Bart Simpson cackle and that J.K. Rowling wisdom and compassion? Did Loki somehow breed with Athena? Regardless, Amy Poehler is a quality human, and as a result of that she found herself the recipient of honors at the 2013 Variety Power of Women event. Poehler gave a speech about her work with the Worldwide Orphans Foundation, and well, you should watch it, because it seems to be a perfect amalgamation of so much of what she is: Hilarious, caring, wise, intelligent, and able to perfectly mix tears and laughter.

Poehler's speech talks about lifelong friendship and uteruses, then moves into focusing on the joys of philanthropy and the tragedy facing the children in the world who have nothing. The Worldwide Orphans Foundation is obviously very close to Poehler's heart, and watching her impassioned speech about it will probably move it closer to yours as well. It doesn't get overwhelmingly heavy though, because there's always Poehler's maniacal and wonderful cackle to bring us back to happiness.

"Thank you to all the beautiful, bossy, right amount of crazy women who are in this room," she says in her speech. "If you take one thing from this event, please remember that giving to charity is good for your skin, and it will make your ass smaller."

We suggest you queue up "Wind Beneath My Wings" to play softly in the background as you watch this.