8 Women Reveal Their First Beauty Memories (Spoiler, They Involve A Lot Of Razor Burn)

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Pluck. Shave. Wax. Whiten. File. Moisturize. Line. Powder. Repeat. Most women across America perform variations of this intricate dance every day in the privacy of their bathroom. While the patterns of women's beauty routines are private to all eyes but theirs', the procedure has been memorialized in movie scenes ( the opening credits of The Devil Wears Prada ) photography (pretty much anything by Ellen Von Unwerth), on television (Carmindy's infamous makeup makeover on TLC's What Not To Wear) and can probably be seen on your backstage Instagram feeds of New York Fashion Week. But how do these commonplace beauty regimens come to fruition? Did Moses inscribe "Thou shalt wax unibrow" on the tablet of the Ten Commandments? Like menstruation, is there an unwritten biological rule to womanhood that includes mascara application at 8 a.m.? As a woman, I can share some insight: We don't wake up with a physical manual to womanhood in our hospital bassinet.

For some, these regimens are handed down from Mom. For others, from Dad. To some women, YouTube was the best classroom while for others, a visit to Sephora is still an undesirable task akin to navigating Pan's Labyrinth.

Regardless of how, women all over America have developed very deliberate routines (or lack thereof) through the trial-and-error processes of their formative years, much like potty-training or riding a bike. Here, eight women recounted their beauty first-times for us, no matter how dreadful.

Image: Aliaksei Lasevich/Fotolia

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