7 Women Reveal Why They Wear Makeup, Wax Their Eyebrows, and Everything in Between

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When I was 20, I studied abroad in Milan. In an effort to remain every last inch of my idealized version of Italian chic, I wore all-black ensembles, remained stoic on the metro, and never left the privacy of my bedroom without a full-face of makeup. The routine held up for months until one day, after an endless night of cliche partying at an even more cliche nightclub, I threw in the towel and embarked on a full day's worth of class and activities sans makeup. I had completely forgotten about my foray into bare-faced life until 6pm, when I sat down for the last class of the day and was greeted in front of the entire classroom by my professor who exclaimed, "Oh, Sam, are you OK? You look so tired. You are not wearing any makeup!" I had been shamed by my own teacher in front of my peers for the simple fact that I had elected to go makeup-free. Alas, therein lies one of the many personal reasons I have partaken in daily makeup application every day since.

There are thousands of other reasons why women everywhere engage in makeup application, waxing, plucking, shaving, and an array of other beauty regimens day in and day out. For some, it's the power to blur perceived flaws. For others, its to highlight favored physical features. To many, they are rituals engrained in society and disguised as simple hygiene.

Still, the tasks involved in women's beauty regimens are costly, sometimes painful, and time-consuming. So why do women still perform them day in and day out? Seven women gave me their reasons.

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