4-Year-Old Boy Writes A Letter To The "Bad Men" Who Stole His Dog, Launches Social Media Search — PHOTOS

After almost two years of hunting with no luck, most people would retire the wide-sweeping search for a missing family dog. But most people aren't 4-year-old Ethan Ferrier, the small British boy who still remembers and asks daily about Fern, his cocker spaniel/springer mix who first went missing all the way back in April 2013. This is an especially impressive memory considering that most 4-year-olds aren't exactly champions of memory retention and object permanence, as far as I understand it. Regardless of Brain Science Facts™, the point is: some heinous monster people stole this kid's dog at some point, and to this day, the culprits remain undiscovered.

Tom, Ethan's dad, says what we're all thinking: probably Prince William and Kate Middleton are to blame. He explained that since the royal couple were spotted canoodling with their own cocker spaniel, the price tag attached to the breed has skyrocketed. Meaning, the dognappers were likely redirecting Fern to cash in with some sort of dog breeding ring. This is all very conspiracy theory and I'm into it.

Regardless, The Ferriers launched a social media effort to #FindFern. This includes a Twitter account and a fairly active Facebook page, both featuring regular updates from the family. Yesterday, they posted a letter Ethan wrote to Fern's dognappers to the Facebook page. It's simultaneously heartbreaking and life-affirmed and...ugh, just look at this precious guy penning the thing:

Care to have a gander at the actual note? Whoa, what's all that liquid in my eyes? Oh, you have ice allergies too!? It's so weird.

Bad men, indeed, Ethan. I certainly hope these efforts pay off so Fern and Ethan may be reunited. After all, it seems they are quite the BFFs. Maybe we should next petition for William and Kate to retweet a #FindFern sentiment? Just an idea...

Images: Grant/Fotolia; Find Fern /Facebook(2)