Will Beyoncé Be At This Year's Oscars?

Before I sit down with my bottle of wine and cozy up on my couch to watch the Academy Awards, I like to know who I can expect to be at the event. Listen, I like surprises like the next person, but what I don't like is disappointment. It's a total bummer when the celeb you wanted to see the most is a total no show. And so, you, like me, may be wondering whether or not Beyoncé will be attending the 2015 Oscars. Because, I think she may universally be everyone's favorite celebrity.

While I'd be head over heels to see her rock the red carpet or even better, perform, the answer to whether or not she'll attend isn't too clear. But, Queen Bey does have a pretty good Oscars track record. She's been to the awards show multiple times and has given jaw dropping performances there, too. But, that's really no surprise, it's Beyoncé. When doesn't she wow us with her voice?

While she isn't guaranteed to be there, because despite her Grammys performance she isn't on the Selma soundtrack, she has been invited to sing before, regardless. So, there's still hope!

Here are Bey's previous Oscars performances that make me REALLY hope she gets on that stage once again.

Oscars Medley With Hugh Jackman

Singing "Learn to be Lonely" From The Phantom Of The Opera

Dreamgirls Medley With Jennifer Hudson

Singing "Look to Your Path" in French

Keep your fingers crossed, people! Beyoncé just might grace us with her presence come Sunday.