This 'Carrie' Coffee Shop Spoof Seriously Freaked Out Some New Yorkers

Some West Village coffee shop-goers in Manhattan were treated to a shock this week when a woman used her telekinetic powers to slam a man against the wall after he spilled coffee on her laptop. You know we've all gotten that urge before, and you also know that there was at least one person in that coffee shop who shouted "I KNEW IT" when apparently witnessing the fact that other-worldly powers are real. Unfortunately for that guy, the whole thing was a coffee shop guerilla marketing spoof for the upcoming Carrie remake.

Many of the unsuspecting bystanders in the coffee shop have the completely understandable reaction of fleeing the scene — if we learned two things from the original Carrie, it's that bullying is bad and fleeing the scene of a supernatural breakdown is probably your best shot — but a surprising number stayed to watch how the scene would unfold.

The prank took some pretty impressively hidden wires and rigs to set up. The best part of the whole thing, though, is definitely the faces of usually-jaded New Yorkers as they took it all in. Why run when you can instead record the once in a lifetime event of witnessing actual telekinesis?

CarrieNYC on YouTube

Image: CarrieNYC via Youtube