6 Women Talk About Why They Wear Makeup, Even If They Resent The Whole Process Just A Teeny Bit

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I did the math: I spend an hour a day, seven days a week, doing my hair and makeup, which amounts to 336 hours a year — the equivalent of 14 full days straight spent applying eyeliner, curling strands of my hair, and blending out my eyeshadow.

Turns out, these results are pretty standard when it comes to the national female average. According to Women's Health, women typically "spend 55 minutes primping" themselves. No wonder the global beauty products industry is forecasted to reach a value of $265 billion by 2017. While there are countless reasons why women designate almost a full hour of their daily 24 to grooming, one influence we can all acknowledge at play is that of society.

Ever since Cleopatra began lining her eyes with thick coats of black and green powder, women have been hard at work performing cosmetic methods to alter their physical appearance and fulfill temporary notions of societal beauty. But, did anyone ever stop and ask Cleopatra how she felt about the green and black powder rimming her eyes day in and day out? My guess is no.

How do these societal beauty standards make women feel? Do we begrudge them or carry them in stride? And, what do we think about the different beauty standards placed on us versus our male counterparts? Six women gave us their answers to all these questions and more.

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