J.Crew Onesies For Work? 5 Reasons Why We Say No

I usually applaud just about anything Jenna Lyons does, but this is one I'm somewhat having trouble rallying behind. J.Crew introduced a pantsuit onesie, and it is basically all kinds of oddball.

Dressing for work is a love-hate relationship. On the one hand, you feel all grown-up and professional in those tailored pants and crisp blouses. Totally ready to conquer the world and everything. On the other hand, it's winter, you're cold, and you really didn't want to leave your bed (or your Netflix account) this morning. PJs are clothes too, you know. But J.Crew has a solution — the professional onesie. Jenna Lyons presented J.Crew's fall 2015 collection on Tuesday at New York Fashion Week, and though it's no doubt lovely with some bold patterns, textures, and nods to the 70s, I couldn't help but ignore the pantsuit onesie glaring at me from the lineup. On top, it has lapels like a suited blazer, but the uniform fabric continues to the ankles, turning into pleats at the hips.

It's interesting in theory, but just kind of strange and not so cute in execution. Jenna, stop trying to make the professional onesie happen. It's not going to happen.

Fernanda Calfat/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

And here's why it shouldn't:

1. It's Childish

Wasn't the point of getting a job and taking on real-world responsibilities to transition out of childhood?

2. It's Probably Not Even Comfortable

Part of the appeal of the onesie is the soft, terry material. A suit is a suit. I don't care if it's two pieces or one — the material ain't gonna be any more comfortable.

3. Sweat Stains

The great thing about separates is you can take them off. All is good and well in fall and winter, but come summer, you can't very well take off your onesie when the heat becomes unbearable.

4. More Expense

Separates can be mixed-and-matched. Imagine how many onesies you will have to buy to not be wearing the same thing every single day.

5. Taking It Off Every Time You Have To Pee

Enough said.

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