These Celebrities Are Layering Up For Fashion Week

February Fashion Week in New York City is a lesson in prudence for all involved parties. Appearing effortless, artsy, and chic are the underlying goals of any ensemble, but the snow kicked up by fierce winds and frighteningly chilly temperatures eliminate three-quarters of any sane fashionista's wardrobe. Celebrities at Fashion Week face all the same problems us normals do: Unless you wish to achieve hypothermia of the shins, tea-length skirts are effectively impossible to sport, and a crop top is not worth a partially numb stomach. Likewise, layers of silk or satin are unwise choices, as are peep-toe heels, boots without socks, and any fabric thinner than the average wool weave.

Despite such limitations, a handful of ingenious editors, street style icons, and celebrities manage to appear both au courant and warm as they enter and exit their Fashion Week shows. Objectively, the task seems impossible. However, with the right combination of thick fabrics, fisherman sweaters, and strategically placed hats, a well-styled winter ensemble is occasionally attainable. Based upon the top looks to hit the streets, the key is layering more clothing than it seems necessary to wear. Read on for the elegant ways your favorite celebrities and bloggers are staying cozy during Fashion Week — and several valiant but failed attempts.

1. Leandra Medine's Muppet Coat

Man Repeller blogger Leandra Medine aptly dressed in a thickly knit beige coat and striped sweater to stay warm between shows.

2. Alexa Chung's White Fur And Camel Chapeau

A Fashion Week alum, Alexa Chung wisely clothed herself in a white fur coat, printed silk scarf, and camel-hued hat to stave off the wintry gales.

3. Eva Chen's Athletic Chic Midi Skirt And Sneakers

Though Lucky editor Eva Chen later admitted her regrets regarding the several inches of exposed ankle in her ensemble, the pairing of wedge sneakers, a midi skirt, a turtleneck, and oversized coat is nearly perfect for combatting the cold.

4. Emily Weiss's Emerald Fur

Into The Gloss founder Emily Weiss knows her way around a New York City winter, and demonstrated her sartorial intelligence in an emerald coat with a fur-lined lapel.

5. Beyonce's Fur... Bag

The last time I checked, sporting fur in the winter was a means of keeping one's temperature above freezing. However, Beyonce's fur-covered bag looks quite toasty.

6. Jessica Hart's Navy Trench

Jessica Hart kept cozy in a thick navy trench coat and striped blouson top.

7. Lily Aldridge's Little White Dress And Oversized White Coat

Lily Aldridge's car coat may have been oversized, but simply glancing at the slit skirt underneath makes me shiver in sympathy. Bare legs may be chic, but winter in New York City is no time to show off a tan.

8. Gigi Hadid's Helmet

Gigi Hadid's letterman jacket and helmut don't appear particularly cozy, but at least the model will be safe from head injuries as she navigates the icy New York City sidewalks.

9. Chiara Ferragni's Fur-Lined Puffer Bomber Jacket

Chiara Ferragni of The Blonde Salad is as talented at dressing for frigid weather as she is at dressing for any other occasion, and her fur-lined army green bomber jacket looks just toasty enough for New York's subzero weather.