Ann Coulter Discovers 'Breaking Bad' (Finally) & Assumes She Understands It Better Than Everyone (Duh)

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Conservative pundit (so conservative, in fact, she makes Bill O'Reilly look like Jon Stewart) Ann Coulter is at it again. Tired of writing op-ed after op-ed about Obamacare, she's turned to another topic: Breaking Bad .

Apparently, she sees the entire show as an allusion to the Bible. She knows she's right, because she's made it through the end of Season 2 and a few spoilery post-series finale articles. (Her detailed commentary doesn't make it past Jane dying, so clearly she's an expert.)

Nevermind the notion that Breaking Bad appears to have no religious affiliation and simply seeks to expose human nature outside the bounds of religion (which may be why it's so universally beloved and praised). The following excerpts from Coulter's essay are resolute, and you know what happens when you try to tell her she's wrong...

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