This Is What A Real Life Proposal Looks Like, As Opposed To Being A Dramatic Attempt At Going Viral (So, Of Course, It's Going Viral) — VIDEO

I'm just going to be honest for a minute: Proposal videos annoy me. Actually, any kind of viral video based on exploiting a private moment for internet fame sort of kills the romance/intimacy/poignancy of that moment. I mean, don't even get me started on military family reunion videos. But this particular video of a man pretending to take a selfie but instead filming his proposal to his girlfriend is kind of awesome, mostly because it's definitely a huge surprise to her, and because of the crappy, off-kilter footage which makes it seem more like the dude's ultimate priority was the perfect proposal, not the perfect film. It's like filming the act was tangential to it, like he was doing it just for the memory, and it happened to come out okay so he put it online. It definitely does not seem like grasping at 15 seconds of internet fame was the sole goal here, like it clearly is in most viral proposal videos. This guy looks like he cares more about the proposal, which is how it should be. But maybe I'm just trying to see some good in the world, and maybe this guy is just as vapid a viral chaser as the rest of them. Who knows. Point is, these two are pretty adorable, and I'm choosing to believe the best about them.

I'm going with my theory that this brilliant video was an accident, mostly because that's positive and makes me feel good, and because when I get proposed to, I kind of hope I'm at least half as pleasantly shocked and overwhelmed as the woman in the video. Seriously, someone GIF HER FACE RIGHT NOW. That face deserves to be immortalized in the gif realm. Watch below and I challenge you not to cry:

Kenny Mercier on YouTube

Seriously though, someone make that gif. This woman deserves to be in the ranks of the greatest reaction gifs ever:

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