This Artist Transfers Kids Photos Into Drawings

Facebook gets weirder as we get older. Do you ever feel exhausted by the constant deluge of photos of people's kids on it? It seems like they are everywhere and sometimes I just really hate seeing them. I hate their adorable, beautiful, life-affirming little fa...haha, just kidding. I, for one, actually truly enjoy seeing cute kid pics on social media. Costa Rican designer Maria Jose Da Luz seems to be on the same page as me: She takes advantage of the omnipresent flow of cute kid photos and turns them into endearing and impressive illustrations. Da Luz takes that which is already precious and makes it even more lovable, injecting the images with saturated bright colors and a twee charm.

It's kinda nuts to think about the fact that babies who are being born into a social media world will have almost every seminal (and completely boring) moment of their early lives documented online. By the time they're old enough to date, will be nothing left for parents to show suitors to embarrass their kids, because a little light internet stalking will have already revealed it all! There is no mystery left for these kids! Which makes it even nicer that Da Luz immortalizes each of these children in their native setting as vivid cartoons, making for unique portraits to stand out in the monotonous sea of selfies.

Guhhh. I am enchanted, officially. And also seriously considering commissioning some portraits of every child I know. Okay, just one more:


Images: MJ Da Luz/Behance(3); mjdaluz/Etsy(3)