How Does Kristen Stewart Feel About 'Twilight'?

Once again, Kristen Stewart does not give a damn what you're saying. As the cover girl for the fashion interview of Interview, Stewart put a moratorium on the Twilight gripe because, apparently, people are still wondering why she would do that movie, and hating on it nonstop. So, what does she think of the hate? As she told Patti Smith for the magazine (yes, as in legendary singer-songwriter Patti Smith): "Anybody who wants to talk shit about Twilight , I completely get it, but there’s something there that I’m endlessly, and to this day, f**king proud of." And that's that.

This isn't the first time that Kristen Stewart has defended her work in the movie. Back in 2013, she talked to to the Chicago Sun-Times about fans that linked her to Bella forever more, no matter what. She says one fan came up to her and said: "There are people who genuinely love the Twilight movies and books that they’ve said, 'Every single time I see you in a movie, you’re still Bella to me.'" Stewart said that it doesn't phase her.

Phase her it might not, but in Interview, she's putting a kind, but firm end to the conversation:

My memory of [Twilight] felt—still feels—really good. People are always comparing Twilight to things and trying to figure out why I’ve made certain decisions that I’ve made, and I always say every single moment that has led me to this moment has made me who I am.

Why should Stewart's career choices be so questioned? After all, she's only 24, and she's been wildly successful so far. She appears with Julianne Moore in the Oscar-nominated Still Alice, and she's had great strong roles in Into the Wild and On The Road. Also, do you remember how great she was in David Fincher's Panic Room when she was only 10 years old? (If not, you should rewatch, because she and Jodi Foster are a dream team.)

Stewart really does have a DGAF attitude, and that's nothing new. We've known that about her for a while. But why is it a bad thing? Her 'attitude' goes only so far as her roles, and she has the right to be fed up with people questioning her career choices. I know I would. And at the end of the day, she's recognized as a talented actress in Hollywood, even after her big-budget features the Twilight saga and Snow White And The Huntsman. She's getting hers, so let's stop talking about it, yeah?

Image: Interview Magazine